OSIF GmbH Optische Sensortechnik für Inspektion und Formerfassung

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About OSIF

General information on the OSIF GmbH (PDF)

3D-Measuring and inspection System

Product information Bulge3D (PDF)

High-speed 3D inline inspection of slightly curved surfaces

  • Measurement of flatness, detection of bulges, dents and waviness
  • Inline inspection during the production process
2D-Measuring and inspection Systems

Product information GridInspector (PDF)

Optical inline inspection system for mesh materials

  • Typical items for inspection are reinforcement fabrics, wire-screens but also punched and expanded metal
  • Recognised defects: Holes in the material, missing weft and warp filaments, frayed and skewed edges, foreign objects and fluff balls on the fabric

Product information MeshInspector-Series

Product information MeshInspector-Series (PDF)

MeshInspectorLine :Optical system for the measurement of mesh geometries like wire screens, expanded metal, punched metal, sieves

  • Continuous inline measurement of mesh geometries
  • Automatic determination of standard mesh characteristics according to DIN ISO 3310
  • Automatic documentation of the detected defects, deviation from tolerances and measured mesh characteristics

MeshInspectorML:Mobile stand alone measuring system for the usage in the lab or next to the processing line

  • Mobile and flexible measurements
  • Fast generation of measurement results of samples, e.g. for quality insurance

MeshInspectorCross :Stand-Alone-System for automatic and complete surface inspection of framed screen materials

  • Inspection of framed screen materials

Product information ScreenInspector (PDF)

Stand-Alone-System for the automatic and complete surface inspection of framed screens and applied printing masks

  • Inspection of framed screens and screen printing masks
  • Detektion of screen defects and mask defects

Product information TexInspector (PDF)

Optical inline inspection system for evenly textured endless materials

  • Inspection of textiles
  • Inspection of glass and carbon fabrics
  • Inspection of structured plastics and metals

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